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Who are we?

The Crystal Skull Warehouse is a UK based, family run company, with a diverse range of crystal skulls to choose from online.  Our crystal skulls are expertly handcrafted and selected for their  energy, physical uniqueness and metaphysical benefits. 

Here at Crystal Skull Warehouse we believe that whether a Crystal Skull catches your eye or you are physically drawn to one, your inner subconscious will help guide you to the Crystal Skull that is right for you.

Each one of our Crystal Skulls at Crystal Skull Warehouse is treasured.  We store them in activation pyramids and they are energy cleansed so that you can start working with them as soon as you recieve them.

At Crystal Skull Warehouse we offer a personalised, online shopping experience that will unite these beautiful, crystallines with their Guardians and Keepers.  


Surrey, UK

5" African Bloodstone Crystal Skull.

Came earlier than expected.  Amazing price for the best product on the internet, very well packaged and the small gift was very thoughtful.  Will 100 % be purchasing again.


West Sussex, UK

4" Black Network Jasper Crystal Star Being

BRUCE96, as he is known around here, is settling in nicely.  Lovely carving, I have my eyes on some others.


Norfolk, UK

3" Quartz Rock Druse Crystal Skull.

"ADORABLE"  Craftsmanship beautiful.  Fast delivery, Thankk you for the gift, luv it!